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Homeschooling Resources


Curriculum (search www.google.com for “Home school curriculum”)


Christian Curriculums:                                                                                                                                         


A Beka     1-877-223-5226          www.abeka.com/


ACE- School of Tomorrow  1-800-925-7777                                                                                                                                                                                              http://www.schooloftomorrow.com/    choose “homeschool”


Alpha Omega  1-800-622-3070 

http://www.home-schooling.com/     choose “homeschooling”


Bob Jones      1-800-845-5731  http://www.bjup.com/


Seton (Catholic)  1-703-636-9990 http://www.setonhome.org/  



Companies Offering Multiple Curriculums and Reviews:


Elijah Company  1-888-2-ELIJAH



Rainbow Resource Center  1-888-841-3456



Websites: www.IFHSonline.org

http://www.ihen.org/  &  http://www.nhen.org/


A2Z Homes’Cool  http://homeschooling.gomilpitas.com/






The Teaching Home http://www.teachinghome.com/                                          

Practical Homeschooling          1-800-346-6322


Home Education Magazine      1-800-236-3278


IAHE Informer Indiana Assoc. Home Educators

http://www.inhomeeducators.org/ (free subscription) 317-859-1202


Miscellaneous Sources for Homeschooling


Decompression/ Peer dependency:

http://www.kaleidoscapes.com/monthlytopic/archives/  ( Deschooling Digest)


Search Google for “homeschool decompression, or Detox or deschooling”


Socialization:  http://learninfreedom.org/socialization.html



Also search: www.google.com  (homeschooling socialization)


Special Needs: 

East Central IN Reg.Prog.Specialist Insource Advocate: Kathy Vermeulen

E-mail: kathyv10@juno.com or 765-741-8433 




National Assoc of Hispanic-American Homeschoolers call 407-723-6281


African American Links: http://members.aol.com/belfairhs/black.html




Native American Links:



Religious and Ethnic Homeschooling Groups 




Secular Curriculums:

Calvert (gr K-8) 1-888-987-4652 http://www.calvertschool.org/

Saxon      1-800-284-7019     http://www.saxonpublishers.com/

Oak Meadow   www.oakmeadow.com/

Clonlara     http://www.clonlara.org/


Used Home School Curriculum Links:



Search on www.google.com  for  ‘home school used curriculum’


Cheap or Free:



Easy Fun School: http://www.easyfunschool.com/


New and Used Curriculum - Indiana: The Carpenter's Son, 217 Farbee Drive N, Lafayette, IN 47905, http://www.carpentersson.com/ Fax:765-449-1204  765-448-6434 email:kathie@carpentersson.com   



Libraries:  are the homeschool family’s best resource.


371.042 and 649.68 are the Dewey Decimal code for Homeschool Books, not curriculum. You may use these library resources in educating: Computers, Software, Magazines, Tapes, Videos, DVDs


Public Library Access Card (PLAC) http://www.statelib.lib.in.us/www/isl/ldo/plac.html

Program allows you to borrow materials directly from any public library in IN. The card issuing library may be any library in the state, not just your home lib. Bring your valid library card, show ident. - name and current address, pay $26 (in 2004) in cash or check and receive your PLAC; expires 1 year from the date of purchase. Cardholders must follow the rules of each individual library, assume responsibility for all materials and related charges, and return materials to that library.


Indiana State Library: Anyone with a valid Indiana Drivers License may use this library.


Borrow free curriculum for 1 month: Muncie Burris School: Shared Information Services: A lending library open to all IN. parents and educators. You may check out free math, writing, history and science materials; videos, magazines, curriculum, and manipulatives. Simply provide your name, phone number, and address and you may check items out for one month. Search the Burris database online at www.bsu.edu/sis  Hours: 9- 4:30 weekdays.  Phone: 765-285-8617.  Location: 2000 W. University ( A neighbor to Ball Hospital.) Some parking next to the school and some on a side street. Enter on the south side through the doors by the park, not the loading dock. Go straight ahead and pick up a visitors pass at the school office. Ask for directions to "Shared Services Room 120". They will ship to you -- you are responsible for returning it. They have arranged with local libraries to use the INCOLA service, so check at your library about returning it.


Books: There are too many good homeschool authors to list. Find great descriptions and reviews of many homeschooling books at: http://homeschooling.gomilpitas.com/  On that page, find the "Search Amazon" box on the right and type in 'Homeschool', or 'Home Education' and enter. This pulls up many reviews of books.


Gym: Anderson University Gym Class for Homeschool Families from late Sept. to late April, with AU breaks applying.

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