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To reach HSU, call 888-678-9011 and leave a message. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible.
Email HSU at HSUMailbox@yahoogroups.com 

HSU Membership

If you are new to HSU or are interested in joining, just click on the HSU membership form on our homepage.  You can join anytime throughout the year, but it's best to join early.  You do not want to miss out on any of the fun HSU member activities.


HomeSchools United (HSU) provides homeschooling families with unique, academic and social activities.  Unlike local co-op groups that meet on a weekly basis for classes, HSU meets at scheduled times throughout the school year for academic fairs such as: History Fair (fall), Geography Fair (late winter), Academic Fair/Science Fair (spring). These fairs provide excellent opportunities for your student to both prepare and present their projects as is widely expected in private and public schools.  Also, HSU organizes a variety of field trips throughout the school year and a monthly skating party. Social activities planned by HSU include a "Back to School Meet and Greet", Christmas Party,  and  Summer Swim.

Though a few of these activities are open to non-HSU members most are planned for HSU members only.  So whether you are a family that is already involved in a co-op and are just looking for a "little more" in your Homeschool, or you're searching for opportunities for your student without the weekly commitment to a co-op, HSU might be right for you.  

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