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HomeSchools United (HSU) provides homeschooling families with unique, academic and social activities.  Unlike local co-op groups that meet on a weekly basis for classes, HSU meets at scheduled times throughout the school year for academic fairs such as: History Fair (fall), Geography Fair (late winter), Academic Fair/Science Fair (spring). These fairs provide excellent opportunities for your student to both prepare and present their projects as is widely expected in private and public schools.  Also, HSU organizes a variety of field trips throughout the school year and a monthly skating party. Social activities planned by HSU include a "Back to School Meet and Greet", Christmas Party,  and  Summer Swim.

Though a few of these activities are open to non-HSU members most are planned for HSU members only.  So whether you are a family that is already involved in a co-op and are just looking for a "little more" in your Homeschool, or you're searching for opportunities for your student without the weekly commitment to a co-op, HSU might be right for you.  

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